Professional Networking Partners of Waterbury Connecticut (ProfNet) was formed to present business persons and business owners an opportunity to join a quality organization in their area that would focus its attention on increasing their income, client/customer base and personal contacts.

Our purpose is to maintain a professional organization geared to success. In today’s world, telephones and computers are necessary, yet we find ourselves losing what we need as a basic to stay successful – personal contact with quality people. ProfNet gives you this interaction.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to meet on a weekly basis to exchange qualified business (QBL) referrals with fellow members. We believe in Loyalty within our Chapter to our fellow members. Members are committed to actively maintaining ethics and standards of the highest order.

How to Become a Member

ProfNet wants to be your partner. We will not accept everyone’s application. We take only one person per approved category and the member gets exclusivity within the group for their services they provide or the product they sell. Member applicants will be voted on by the current members.

Please click here to contact ProfNet about becoming a member.

Download a copy of our Profnet Directory